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Tuscany offers some ideas for trips, tours, hiking and MTB and food itineraries.

The Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps are a mountain range that stretches for about 60 km in the north of Tuscany bordered to the northwest by the river Magra, to the east by the river Serchio and to the west by the Apuan Riviera and by Versilia.

The mountain range has numerous peaks including Mount Pisanino, the highest one (1946 m asl), between the province of Massa Carrara and Lucca.

There are many activities that can be performed on the Apuan Alps: trekking, climbing, hiking and mountain biking.



The Apuan Alps offer to hikers sceneries of majestic beauty. There are many locations worth to be visited as the Wind Cave , which is among the most important caves of Europe with its 120 vertical meters and a length of 4, 5 km.
The Antro of Corchia is instead the largest karstic complex in Italy with 64 km of tunnels with a difference in height of about 1200 meters.
On Apuan Alps seats the Regional Park which has many native species of flora and fauna.
The recommended destinations are few kilometers away from the Camping in Marina di Massa in Partaccia.

www.antrocorchia.it | www.grottadelvento.com

Trekking e strade ferrate

There are numerous trails to walk and a lot of shelters giving hospitality, most of them managed by CAI.
Among the most popular routes you can find Via Vandelli, a particularly striking route paved in the majority, originally linking Modena to Massa.
For experts, there are also numerous accessible climbing routes such as those of Mount Forato, Mount Sella or Mount Contrario.


Mountain bike

Among the routes for bikers we remind those of Mount Folgorito, Mount Corchia and Gramolazzo, in addition to those of Cinque Terre.

Lunigiana and Garfagnana

Lunigiana and Garfagnana are two adjoining lands of extraordinary and intact beauty; two lands where life still flows as a time and on the rhythm of nature, two places rich in history and traditions, customs and folklore, good and genuine cuisine.
The best location of Lunigiana Garfagnana, interesting destinations for those who spend holidays in Tuscany, can be easily reached from the Camping in Marina di Massa.


Lunigiana, which owes its name to the ancient Roman city of Luni, is a vast territory that stretches along the pond of the river Magra and includes several municipalities in the province of Massa Carrara, and in that of La Spezia; it is a land populated by numerous castles and fortresses, large green valleys and medieval villages.
To remember between monuments and villages: The Fortress of Brunella in Aulla, the Malaspina Castle of Fosdinovo, Fortress Verrucola in Fivizzano, the beautiful medieval towns of Virgoletta and Filetto in Villafranca, the Castle of Bastia in Licciana Nardi.
Among the typical products of Lunigiana: the Bigliolo bean , Treschietto onion , Fivizzano wheel apple , bread from Vinca, the marocca of Casola, Zeri potato, Zeri lamb, olive oil and honey , mushrooms and chestnuts.


Garfagnana is a territory that stretches along the pond of the river Serchio in the province of Lucca.
Garfagnana is an area rich in forests, green valleys, villages and castles.
Among the monuments and villages to visit: the Rocca Ariostesca of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the Fortress of Castruccio Castracani in Camporgiano, the Church of St. Jacopo in Gallicano, the village of Minucciano, the village of Pieve Fosciana, Borgo San Romano in Garfagnana, the Borgo di Vergemoli.
Among the typical products of Garfagnana: the Formenton Otto File flour , the chestnut flour, spelled, mountain cheeses, trout, mushrooms, sausages and potato bread.